1. Fins and Fur Taxidermy Whitetail Buck
  2. Fins and Fur Taxidermy Mule Deer Buck mount
  3. Fins and Fur Taxidermy Texas Ibex mount
  4. Managing Director
  5. Fins and Fur Taxidermy lifesize bobcat mount
  6. Fins and Fur Taxidermy reproduction mount of a Yellowstone Cuthroat trout
  7. Managing Director
  8. Fins and Fur Taxidermy blacktail buck mounts
  9. Fins and Fur taxidermy bull elk mount
  10. Fins and Fur taxidermy european mount
  11. Fins and Fur Taxidermy whitetail deer horn mount
  12. Fins and Fur taxidermy coyote pedestal mount
  13. Fins and Fur taxidermy raccoon pedestal mount
  14. Fins and Fur taxidermy lifesize badger mount
  15. Managing Director
  16. Managing Director
  17. Fins and Fur Taxidermy Steelhead mount
  18. Fins and Fur taxidermy Black bear rug
  19. Managing Director
  20. Black Bear aggresive mount fins and fur taxidermy
  21. Managing Director
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